Zameen Expo 2019 – A Massive Event in the Property Market!

The biggest property website is making a successful move with a very faster pace and also conducted its Zameen Expo recently. The event was being conducted in the Expo centre and people from the entire city attended it.

The main aim of is to cater people when it comes to buying the property in the best manner and to make things easier for them. The display of all kinds of properties on their portal makes it pretty much easier for the people to make a quick decision. However, this event is not their first event in fact they have conducted numerous other events too. This event will also be held in other cities of Pakistan and even in Dubai the company assisted numerous property oriented events.

This event was being inaugurated by Aqeel Karim Dhedhi a very well known business tycoon and then it was open for the public to pay a visit and increase their information about the property market. Numerous visitors and families came over to attend the event and give a shout out to the event in terms of its success.


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