Zainab 7 years old girl, Murdered in Kasur

A 7 years old girl Zainab was kidnapped 4 days ago in Kasur Pakistan. After kidnapped, this cute angel was raped, killed and then thrown away. Kasur is the same city where over 280 kids were raped, but there was no action taken out for this. Only criminals who’ve done this are not responsible for this but those who’re silent or will stay silent for political or any other reasons are responsible.

It’s also heartbreaking, that the parents of little Zainab were in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Zainab was kidnapped 4 days ago from her home town road Kot, Kasur. Yesterday police recovered her body from garbage heap, she was struggle to death after being raped.

Within few months there were around 12 miner girls were already killed after being raped. Zainab family protested last night on road and different people joined hand with them and blocked the railway road last night. Protesters also started fighting with police too and DSP of Kasur got injured.

on 10th there is strong protest going on in Kasur due to this incident, as it’s not the only one happened in Kasur. There are lot of other cases as well went silent .Protest will get started from Chandani Chowk Bazar from 10:AM onwards  and will get end at Shahbaz Gol chakar Kasur.

Shahbaz Sharif has taken action and asked for the report from IG.

Little angel funeral prayer will be done by Tahir Ul Qadri at 2:00 PM, Tahir Ul Qadri has started traveling to Kasur from Lahore.


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