YouTube’s Success in Pakistan

By Abdul Wahid

Ever since the ban on regulation was lifted from Youtube in Pakistan in 2015, it has been one of the most popular social media apps/website of the country. Content creators and companies of all ages and backgrounds have started to make fair use of the platform ever since, allowing them to earn profit from their videos/streams through monetization and views. It’s a fact that for every 1000 views, Youtube usually pays a dollar to it’s owner and for every 5 mins of ads watched, the advertiser gives his/her share of payment too. Like other countries, Youtube has it’s own trending Pakistani section. Trending will be evaluated as content that is entertained amongst most Pakistanis and videos that are commonly found on the “popular right now-Pakistan” section.

Pakistan has a fair share of young content creators and entertainers, some who are highly praised while others who are called out for copying content and being unoriginal. Afterall, it’s a social media platform, and viewers will always have divided views and opinions for every content creator. A few of these highly commended personalities include Saad Ur Rahman, also know as “Ducky Bhai” on Youtube, Taimoor Salahuddin or in other words “Mooroo”, Raza Samo or “Khujlee family”. These people are well versed in roast and comedy videos, with “Ducky bhai” being the fastest Pakistani Youtube roaster to reach a million subscribers in a time of approximately 1 year. Recently the “Khujlee family” channel reached over a million subscribers as well, upon which Raza uploaded a video discussing his dark and daunting past life, which made his viewers see him in a new light. Such aspiring entertainers have inspired many other Youtubers to work in the same field as them, helping them gain popularity and income from their original content.

Videos from pages like Linus Tech Tips, Unbox therapy, MKBHD, can be found everywhere on Youtube which are widely acclaimed by many, and as time has passed on a few Pakistani tech inspired youtubers have also started to pave their way towards success in the same sector. However, only a few Youtube channels like “XEETECHCARE” and “VideoWaliSarkar” have managed to gain a considerable amount of success from such content, with both hovering around a million suscribers or somewhere close to that limit. Trending on these pages currently are the latest leaks and releases of Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Huawei Mate 30. The Pakistan tech Youtube section is only limited to a few topics currently such as the unboxing of smartphones/speed tests, which many international Youtubers are proficient in already, but the chances of success are very promising and inevitable.

Almost every Pakistani loves watching TV, and the same content that trends on national TV is content that becomes of importance on social media platforms. This includes content like gameshows, dramas, movies, and reality tv shows from the country’s major Entertainment industry, also known as Showbiz. Pepsi battle of the bands has existed for more than a decade and ever since the rise of Social media and the shows re-release in the country in 2017, it has gained more and more viewers and followers. The show provides a great platform for all types of aspiring musicians to present their talent to a global audience, particularly in the field of rock and Pop rock music. Recently, Season 4’s episode 3 was aired, the first two episodes being audition episodes, from which AUJ’s “Lafz” was adored the most by people all across the country. This not only aids the musician, but also provides people from all around the world to experience new music which has been unheard of before. Moreover, other entertainment channels like Hum TV and ARY are well known for their drama serials, movies and game shows, and since the revival of Youtube in Pakistan, a larger percentage of the population have gained access to such form of media.

Trending right now on Youtube, is the latest lollywood film “Baaji” which has gained a profit of 4.50 crores in less than a month. This proves just how important and profitable such things are for the citzens of the country. If the industry manages to produce a multitude of such movies, more and more people can feel satiated from the quality of content being provided to them at such a small cost, which can also be a means of great success for the country as a whole in this millennial age.

Political and wildly offensive and extremist content is more suited to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as such content mostly gets banned or blocked/deleted in many countries by Youtube. Besides this unneeded hustle and bustle, the app/website is set to thrive in the country, and globally in the upcoming years.


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