Yayvo Cricket Festival 2019 – JazzCash and Yayvo Join Hands for Partnership!

Yayvo Cricket Festival

As we all know that the biggest event of the year PSL 2019 is just round the corner, the news of the Yayvo Cricket Festival tends to prevail with a significant impact. Yayvo and JazzCash join hands for the customers to boost the concept of online shopping as this will allow the customers to pay for the tickets, merchandize and any other stuff they purchase through Yayvo to be paid through their JazzCash account.

As per the Chief Digital Officer of JazzCash

it has been interpreted that the demand of the online shopping and ease of paying is taking a toll among public all over and therefore this partnership brings new ways for the customers to shop around online.

On the part of Yayvo as well the company perceives this strategy as a significant positive impact on the lives of people and they believe that this partnership on the part of Yayvo and JazzCash is going to bring growth and ease for the two companies as well as their customers.

The entire purchase of the tickets as well as other merchandize may easily be carried out by using the JazzCash wallet without a doubt making life easy.


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