Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is official! 10GB RAM with 6.4″ Sliding Screen and 5G Network: Everything you Need to Know Here!

After several months of speculation and several leaks of information, the new smartphone is finally announced. True to everything that has been said here at 4gnews, here we have the new Android top of the range that is already one of the largest manufacturers of mobile devices worldwide. Now, it’s time to meet Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

This is the latest terminal to “solve” the “notch” issue or monkey at the top of the screen, a trend that began with a SHARP device. A device that no one would pay attention to. However, this would change with the arrival of Essential Phone.

Still, it was only when Apple adopted this concept on its iPhone X that the entire industry would follow suit. In that sense, we now have the market flooded with Android smartphones and iOS with this notch or monocle at its top.

The Xiaomi would surrender completely to the notch with the generation Mi 8, being inspired strongly in the tops of a range of Cupertino. However, the Chinese manufacturer has kept its “MIX” line away from these fashions and market trends. Let’s get down to business!

This is the truly unique line or product range of Xiaomi. While the others are oriented to respond to market trends, in the MIX line we have the true DNA of the company. In that sense, we began by evaluating the design of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, faithful to all information leaks. Now we have a new smartphone whose screen fills 93.4% of the entire front panel area. In short, we are getting closer to getting an Android smartphone with a truly complete display!

First, Xiaomi has managed to reach this value by hiding the top margin of its new smartphone. For this, it uses a sliding flap, a portion that slides up (or down) and in which we have the double front chamber, as well as other sensors.

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 uses a sliding tab to hide the front camera

In short, when you need the camera you just have to slide it up and it will be there! When you do not need to, hide this upper flap again and your smartphone will be left without any visible or visible imperfection.

Regarding the sliding tab of this Android smartphone, we have here a magnetic mechanism. Therefore we have here a few components subject to the natural wear and tear that, for example, the old Nokia Express Music 5200, among others.

First, to avoid wear or mechanical failure the brand has opted for magnetism. In this sense, it states that it has tested this same mechanism more than 300 thousand times to determine its durability.

Open the (sliding) tab to answer a call, for example …

Secondly, you can assign a total of 5 different sounds to the “open” or slide this tab as well as predefined actions. That is, you can use this tab as a shortcut to perform predetermined functions. For example, from answering calls or launching an App in Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

Thirdly, this solution, while having its virtues also has its drawbacks. Good luck finding a cover for this new Android smartphone but at least you’ll already have one included in your box!

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is constructed of glass and metal with a 7000 series aluminum metal structure. In short, it will be quite robust and will not undergo any kind of bending or deformation in its structure.

At the color level, you can choose 3 tones. First, we have here the  Jade Green or jade green. Secondly, we have the  Sapphire Blue or blue sapphire. Thirdly we have the darkest and most discreet tone, the black.

Forbidden City Palace Museum edition with 10GB of RAM

In a clear tribute to the rich culture and history of China, Xiaomi also launched a very special version. This, with 10GB of RAM, is not only a “delight” for the most demanding technicians. It is also a work of art worthy of its name – Palace Museum of the Forbidden City. Of course, it is the most expensive version.

The special edition features a distinct blue tone, darker and more refined as well as several other details. With gold details, celebrating the art of your nation, this is undoubtedly the most desirable version of this Android smartphone.

Technical Specifications of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

The level of the technical characteristics Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 uses the processor Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm, as was expected. Being a top-end Android for the end of 2018 also features a maximum of 256GB of internal storage.

Firstly we have 3 RAM configurations – 6GB, 8GB as well as 10GB in the top version. Already at the storage level, we have 128GB or 256GB of non-expandable memory in the new Android smartphone.

Secondly, to keep everything running we have a very generous battery with  3200mAh of capacity. We also have fast charging technology as well as 10W wireless charging. The best of everything? Comes with a cordless (and wired) charger included in your box!

Photography and video on Xiaomi Mi MIX 3

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 has a dual main camera on the rear. This consists of a 12MP main sensor with dual-pixel autofocus. Here as well as a secondary 12MP sensor with a 2X optical zoom.

Just as it should be, we have artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of the Android smartphone user. From the background blurred to portraits and other genres of photography to the studio light as well as the recognition of scenes.

The front camera of the new Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is composed of a total of 2 photographic sensors. Here we have first a 24MP sensor as well as a 2MP sensor to aid in background blur and measurement.

What’s more, the main camera promises to give us perfectly usable night shots. To do this, it combines the information of the two chambers, “virtually” increasing the size of the pixels – combining the information of several pixels.

What else does this Android smartphone offer us?

Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is already ready for 2019 (or at least a large part of the year). Therefore we have here the 10GB of RAM, a new record to be established by Xiaomi for a product intended for the masses.

Secondly, the brand promised that in 2019 will launch a new version of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 equipped with 5G connectivity. Although it did not need a specific day, the manufacturer has assured that the terminal will arrive at the beginning of the year.

Also worth mentioning is its 6.39-inch diagonal screen as well as Full-HD + resolution. So here we have 1080 x 2340 pixels on your Super AMOLED screen with 403 pixels per inch.

Prices for the new Android smartphone

The new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is now available for pre-order in China. Its price starts at 3,299 yuan. It’s about $ 475 or 416 euros for the base version with 6GB RAM / 128GB of storage.

Secondly, we have the intermediate model which costs 3,599 yuan, about 518 dollars or 453euros. This is the version with 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage in the new Android smartphone.

Thirdly we have the version with 8GB of RAM as well as 256GB of internal storage. Its price is 3,999 yuan, about 575 dollars or about 503 euros.

Finally, we have the top version, exclusive – “Forbidden City”. This will bring you the 10GB of RAM as well as the 256GB of storage. Its price is 4,999 yuan, about 720 dollars or 630 euros.

Prices are for the Chinese market. The current exchange rate was used.


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