Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 Get 10 GB of RAM, & 5G Support? will be presented on October 25th

Xiaomi on October 25 planned the presentation of the frameless Sliding flagship Mi Mix 3. It seemed like we know everything about it, but the official company account in the Chinese social network Weibo published a strange photo. There you can see two notebooks that have 5G and 10G inscriptions on the cover. Xiaomi hints at 10 GB of RAM and 5G Internet.

Mi Mix 3 will receive a slider design, so the company has found where to put the “front-end” without cutouts in the screen. The display diagonal will be 6.4 inches with QHD resolution. 

According to the latest promotional image of Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi would have gone crazy, as it could be hinting that, along with the known 5G connectivity, it would offer 10 GB of RAM, making it the first smartphone in the world not only to offer connectivity 5G, but to incorporate 10GB of RAM, ahead of Vivo and Asus in the race to launch a smartphone with this memory capacity, although we do not know why we assume that if you have problems with the game and you have 15 casinos and betting applications at the same time it can be useful.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 would offer an AMOLED panel at Full HD + resolution with 3D face recognition, fingerprint reader under the screen, wireless charging and mount the new Qualcomm top-end SoC, the  Snapdragon 855  (Snapdragon 8150), to give you the 5G capabilities. If the rumors about 10 GB of RAM are real, this would be the top-of-the-range model, with other variants being possible with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage and other models with 6 GB of RAM.

There is still a chance that Mi Mix 3 will get a fingerprint scanner built into the display. In all previous Mi Mix models, it was placed at the back. The price of the novelty is questionable, but it is unlikely to cost much more than its predecessors.


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