World’s Biggest Economies In 2018


According to the data for 2018, from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it has proved that United States (USA) has the leading economy, it shows that US economy increased from $19.4 trillion from the last year.

China got the second best economy with $14trillion, increase of $2trillion compared to 2017. Japan is in third place with an economy of $5.1 trillion.

Three European nations take up the following places on the list


Germany is fourth with an economy of $4.2 trillion, Unites Kingdom is fifth with an economy of $2.94 trillion and France is sixth with an economy of $2.93trillion.

India is seventh with an economy of $2.85trilion, Italy is eight with an economy of $2.18trillion, Brazil is ninth with an economy of $2.14trillion and Canada is on tenth with an economy of $1.8trillion.

Estimated global economy is $79.98trillion while US covers more than one quarter of the world.

America’s GDP is assumed to grow up by 17.9% between 2017 and 2019, while China’s GDP is predicted to grow by almost double this at 35.2%.

According to a report by expert’s services, China will pass the US economy by 2050 and they also predicts India will pass US.

According to a report America have an economy of $34.1 trillion, India will be around $44.1 trillion and China will be on top with an economy of $58.5 trillion.

France Japan, Germany ,UK are assumed to fall on eighth, ninth, tenth  and these countries will be replaced by Indonesia ,Brazil, Russia and Mexico.





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