Woman Beaten by Men in Murree While on a Vacation – Government in Action!

These days a video of a woman being beaten by four men while on a vacation at Murree has been viral, few months back there was a great propaganda against the boycott of tourism in Murree and this seems to be taking place again.

There was a lot going on during the boycott and many of the hotels and the entire area faced a huge loss due to the lack of tourists coming over. After a long period of boycott finally Murree was gaining back again its tourism and now this event took place.

This lady was beaten by the hotel management in front of her daughter and the reasons seem to be unknown. However, a man came up with the video and made it viral so that the government agencies may prove to do something about it. this entire situation is much terrible because women all over the world deserve respect and are also respected too so therefore this kind of behavior is completely unjustified in any society.


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