WIN IT or EAT IT? TUC Biscuit Inspired Pakistan vs. Australia T20 Series Trophy


T20 Trophy – Win IT or EAT IT

Pakistan and Australia are all set to battle it out against each other in the T20 series. However, once pictures were released today of the trophy they are competing for, the internet collectively doubled over in laughter and bewilderment.

Sponsored by TUC, the trophy is in the shape of TUC biscuit… or is it a cracker? Social media users took every chance to take a jab at the bizarre trophy and the result was quite hilarious. Even the ICC took a shot at the trophy in a series of posts.

Social media users were no less witty and hilarious as all joined in for a round of jokes at the T20 series trophy’s expensive.

Another user created this series of images in a hilarious parody of the trophy and possible alternative suggestions for the trophy’s creators.



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