What’s Cooking with Minaal Khan and Manzoor Khan?

Minal Khan & Manzoor Khan

Well, we all know that last night a very hot and happening couple of the year being none other than Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt tied the knot and moved into a new phase of their relationship. The pictures of this hot and happening couple and their wedding could be seen all over social media with the #Aineeb. People have spent hours on twitter, instagram and other social platforms taking a look at the superb couple of the year.

However, after Aiman Khan has married people are now more anxiously moving their eyes towards none other than their twin Minaal Khan who has been rumored to having a relationship with Manzoor Khan. Minaal Khan and Manzoor Khan have been seen together at many instances with the looks and gestures more than just friends and this seem to be a bit too fishy. So, people are now looking forward to this couple and waiting for them to at least disclose their relationship or announce their marriage.

However, never ever have any of them ever said something about each other in the public but their whereabouts are a sign that something more than “just being friends” exist between them and needs to be in the limelight now.


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