Ursula Burns will serve as the New CEO at VEON Ltd; Parent to Jazz

Ursula Burns

VEON Ltd a parent company to Jazz has hired Ursula Burns immediately as the CEO and Chairman. The company VEON Ltd provides for the services based on connectivity and also caters internet services to the consumers of Pakistan.

Ursula Burns has been serving the company from July 2017 as one of the Board of Directors and also has served to the company in her personal capacity as being the Executive Chairman form March 2018. This lady has brought many positive changes in the entire structure of the company and has introduced must innovative techniques as well. Her aim to make the business successful is to make the structure of the corporate a simpler one and focus more on the latest emerging markets for betterment.

The CEO of Jazz Aamir Ibrahim showed a lot of excitement upon this appointment and also stated that this lady may make the business grow in a new world of aspirations and innovations which are must have need in today’s competitive environment. The entire company has very high hopes from Mrs. Burns; she is also known to bring about the international practices in the company which will help company to grow farther.

Mrs. Burns also showed a lot of gratitude in her speech upon being appointed for thus position and she even showed her growing interest to occupy the global level of diversity and grow internationally for a better future of VEON Ltd


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