UK Visas to Get Expensive due to Doubled NHS

Visa fee is always a hassle to pay off and therefore many people when applying for immigration usually tend to gather sum for the visa payment. However, UK visa fee has been increasing like anything and now people who will be applying for visa from Pakistan or any other non EU country will be required to pay off a doubled fee.

Upon getting hands on the explanations of this raise it was then revealed that the provision of National Health Service is a value adding service for the immigrants residing in UK and therefore to provide them with the best of this service, the government has doubled the Immigration Health Surcharge. The government believes that it is the right of the immigrants to be treated with the bets health services and therefore they must be given enough care while they stay in UK.

However, nothing is offered free of cost and therefore as there is a raise in the provision of service this raise would be compensated by way of adding it in the visa fee which would be an add on for the people travelling from Pakistan and any of the non EU country.


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