Uber driver robbed FC College student in Lahore

A student of Forman Christian College (FCC) Lahore was looted by a driver of a ride hailing service Uber in Pakistan. The student from Forman Christian College Hassan Butt who took an auto rickshaw of Uber from Gulberg 2 to Gulberg 3, Hassan went to withdraw cash from an ATM machine in Gulberg, and the driver fled with his luggage, he claims that luggage includes a mobile phone worth Rs 40,000.

As reports, Hassan immediately after the incident happened reported a complaint against that driver in Ghalib Market police station and also complained against the uber driver to the company.

Hassan Butt said that he received an email from Uber that this will be solved in next 12 hours, till now nothing happened.

Hassan Butt said, he further received an email demanding 24 to 48 hours to get the details about the matter and will surely resolve this.

According to Hassan Butt, he visited Uber Pakistan’s office located in Model Town but of no benefit, they asked for 24 to 48 hours more and asked him to get ready for interrogation, so case can easily be investigated. Hassan said staff is not willing to help me and resolve my case, as they did not shared their official contact number with me.

Police also did not contacted him for filing an FIR against the driver.

Same type of incident happened last month with the student of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

These type of cases should be immediately resolved, so they can get justice.



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