Fashion Trend 2018 in Pakistan

With the growing Pakistani fashion industry, multiple trends have been ruling over the year 2018. And the trend of Fusion dresses is definitely one of them. We’ve seen many collective brands like Generations and Ethnic with these dresses being a part of their latest campaigns and we are definitely not complaining!

Another casual fashion trend included the medium length shirts and cigarette trousers, which is an ideal pick for everyday wear. Many brands have created unnumbered enchanting yet effortless looks with this combination.

Moreover, another item that’s currently trending are the Flowy Gowns, various celebrities have been spotted wearing them on many occasions. Moreover these gowns are considered to be the perfect choice for any event by almost every designer this year.

These gowns are considered to be very practical as you can pull these off at either at a wedding or party even with the simplest hairstyles like straight hair or a messy bun!

Lastly, our top  favourite trend of 2018 is that of the Floral Lehengas. These colourful and thriving lehengas are all the rage for the weddings this year. Top fashion designers of Pakistan like Nomi Ansari, Ali Zeeshan and many more had these floral lehengas raining down their newsfeeds on Instagram and on the Bridal Couture Week 2018. Moreover many celebrities were seen wearing these flawless lehengas on numerous weddings recently.

2018 was yet another year which included classic and the most chic fashion trends and however as we move into the year of 2019, we’re expecting many more bold colours and fusion dresses thrown into the mix by the designers and creating more elegant and practical looks for everyone.


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