With the upcoming makeup trends and the race between various brands all over the world, our Pakistani brands are doing whatever it takes to keep up and if you ask us they are doing an amazing job!

According to multiple bloggers including Farah haris, Hira and Hemayal and many more our local drugstore products have a great quality and are affordable too!

Starting with Beautify by Amna, their products have been a hit among the beauty bloggers all year long. They have a wide variety of brushes, eye lashes and foundation blenders in different colours, 24k Gold and Roses glowing face serum and porfade face primer. Moreover they recently launched their oh my  blush  palette which has two shades; coral and rose. Numerous bloggers have claimed that it has a good pigmentation and leaves a long lasting healthy glow on your face.

Next up is Beauty World, which has an extensive variety of pressed glitters in numerous colours and have an amazing pigmentation with zero fallout. A lot of makeup artists and bloggers are crazy about their highlighters as well. Apart from the great quality and affordable prices, their customer service.

Coming to our favourite drugstore foundation by Alezem Beauty, which works best on all skin types and has three shades; Ivory, natural and nude. They also have beauty oils, beauty blenders, lashes and lipsticks which are also approved by our bloggers.


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