With the passage of time, bridal wear in Pakistan or even in other parts of the World, certainly has changed a lot and has changed in a more better and a vibrant manner. And here is an overview of everything trendy this year in the weddings.

Starting with the very first event of every desi wedding; Dholki. Keeping up with the traditions almost all of the brides were seen wearing Yellow dresses with the combination of fresh flower jewellery.

Moving onto the next and the most fun filled event of every wedding; Mehendi. This year,  everyone shook their heads on the floral lehengas as their perfect outfit for a  glamorous Mehendi night and we don’t know a single person who’s complaining!

Designers created hues of beautiful colours, and clearly aimed to bring out the festive spirit of every Mehendi bride!

Coming to the Barat, where the brides walk down the aisle in the most dreamy attire with valiant play of colours suffused together! And here are some of our most favourite looks:

However, just like the previous years Red,  yet again was the most prominent colour for the Barat dresses but with various unique designs thrown into the mix as well.

Lastly, Walima dresses are comparatively more elegant when it comes to the colour range but this year the designers took these dresses to whole another level by adding tales in order to give the bride a more perfect look!

These were the trendy bridal dresses of this year, can’t wait for more fashion trends to come along in order to make our weddings more alive and memorable!


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