Tips for party makeup

Everyday makeup routine can be very easy with practice but when it comes to a party, the makeover may get very challenging. Some women take the easy road and just go to the salon and get their hair and makeup done, but some women accept the challenge and do their makeovers themselves.

Makeup comes second, first one needs to decide what she’s going to wear and that depends on what kind of a party is she going to? Is it a tea party or a wild night out?

She must choose her outfit accordingly and also the kind of makeup she is going to do on herself, as parties are all about looking your best and it becomes 100 times more fun when you feel like you look your best!

Start with an amazing skin, and by that we mean and soft and a clear skin. In order to achieve that, you should consider applying a mask on your face a couple of hours before the party and moisturizing your skin right before you apply any makeup on your face.

Don’t forget to use a primer before you apply foundation, it helps with the coverage and lengthens the amount of time the foundation lasts on the face.

After you apply the foundation and the concealer, blend it well! Then contour your nose, jawline and cheekbones in order to make your features prominent and the use of a blush-on on your cheeks brightens up your face instantly.

It’s possible to pull off a look with a heavy eye makeup and bold lips but honestly it’s just too much for a single night! So it’s much better if you choose between the two, you either go for a light eye makeup with a perfect winged eyeliner and a bold lip or a shimmery and a dramatic eye makeup with a neutral lip color. But don’t forget the mascara in both the cases.

Then highlight the tip of your nose, your inner eyes and your cheekbones and finish your makeup look with a sprinkle of a face setting spray. And listen, don’t forget to curl your hair, you’ll look perfect!


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