Things You Shouldn’t Miss In Bridal Shower

With the wedding season upon us, many of you must be planning on throwing a perfect bridal shower for your loved one, before she starts off her married life.

So whether you are throwing a shower for your friend, sister, daughter or niece, it is your duty to make the event worth remembering and full of fun and laughter as it is the first thing to happen to the bride to make it feel real!

First and the most important thing that the host needs to care of is to make the event as personalized as possible.

Starting with the guest list, it must only include the people the bride to-be feels comfortable around. Secondly, the venue that everyone is comfortable with.

Coming to the décor, the following things must be present at the shower:

  1. Bride to-be sash
  2. Confetti balloons
  3. Love balloon
  4. Décor set
  5. Bride to-be banner
  6. Bride to-be cake
  7. Bride to-be goodie bags
  8. Themed towels and napkins.

The entire décor must be of a specific theme, either it’s a color or the bride to-be’s favorite tv show. Moreover, the menu also must be according to the choice of the bride to-be, welcome drinks should be served at the beginning of the party and later the snacks.

Let’s not forget playing some games! One thing that the married ladies could do is to share their experiences and warn the little one about what not to do in a marriage. And don’t forget to include some funny quotes!

There are many other games as well including the Toilet paper wedding dress game, which is often played at the showers, then the Bridal bingo and the Wedding word find etc.

If you’re coming to the bridal shower then you better come with a present! After everyone is done eating and playing the games, it’s time for opening the presents and be sure to get the bride to-be something that she likes or wants to have and something that proves to be useful in her married life.

Well, seems like the party is over now! Hope you didn’t forget to take pictures. :p


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