The Egg Fever on Board


The Instagram picture of an egg went viral and numerous likes and comments were being attracted by the picture.

Soon after this picture started taking a lead everywhere numerous brands even incorporated the look of egg in their advertisements.

This egg fever is found to be present in almost all the industries and when we talk about the mobile phone industry we could come across numerous different brands featuring their adverts with the egg in them.

This egg may either have characters or may have a simple text presenting the viral fever from Instagram.

The mobile brands like Infinix, Techno mobile and Mi mobile brands have been featuring this outclass post with the hash tag #EggGang.

One of the most interesting and funny post was from Surf excel who actually wash the egg as well ……

However, in the adverts they are showing how much of the features of their phones are important for the egg as well be it the camera or anything else. So, how about getting into the pool of eggs and getting rinsed with the egg fever.


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