The “Blackface” Sweater by Gucci Pulled Back

Recently Gucci brought in the market a new sweater under its brand which featured a making of face followed by sweater that covers the face halfway through. This sweater featured by Gucci was named as the Blackface sweater and this sweater got back leashed badly.

Since the sweater was in black color covers the face and is named Blackface as well, the racial issues and comments started to take place and this led to a serious pressure on the company. The company however immediately reacted and called back its products from all the online and physical stores completely.

However, some time ago, Dolce & Gabbana also faced a similar criticism when they portray din their campaign the difficulty of eating pizza and spaghetti with chopsticks by Chinese women, this called the China to boycott the company calling the act as racist.

However, the matter of Gucci was handled very well and the makers didn’t take a second to call back their stock and apologize.


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