The Best Cardiac Hospital in Pakistan Opens in DHA Karachi – Tabba Hospital

Tabba hospital

Tabba Hospital Provides Best and World Class Treatment for the Cardiac Patient

About 30% to 40% deaths every year in Pakistan are happened because of Coronary Heart Disease and
Cardiovascular Disease. In Pakistan, Cardiovascular cause over two hundred thousand deaths in a year. We need to make aware our people regarding this disease. Tabba Hospital provides best and
world class treatment regarding heart.

Tabba institute is playing his role to defeat this disease.There are so many cases, so we need more cardiovascular institutes in our country to help people.

This Hospital is very well-known in Karachi, people got a lot of trust on them, they got multiple branches in Sindh Hyderabad and Karachi, and they got a mobile app too to serve the community better. Tabba heart institute opens another hospital to help more people in DHA and Clifton.

This branch is offering variety of diagnostics and consultation services and this hospital is serving as a
one stop, providing many services.

Tabba Hospital is well known because of its world class infrastructure, Cardiac surgeons and physicians, trained by American board. Under one roof at tabba, they have highly trained and qualified paramedic staff and nurses. Tabba is well known for his quality cardiac care. They are providing services from a long time, and their main aim is to serve more and more people by opening its more branches.

They have worked hard day and night to make this Tabba Hospital so important for cardiac diseases.


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