Terrorist Attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi

According to sources, gunfire and blast heard near Chinese consulate situation in clifton Karachi.

According to DIG south, gunfire start early morning at around 9:30 AM and this incident started which some people were trying to entry into consulate without permission and when the security stopped them, in return they started firing.
Can be seen in video!

Security guards present in Chinese Consulate also started firing, due  to which 2 police officers got killed and one person is still in emergency. Also three terrorists got killed due to the firing by security.

2 Civilians were also killed in attack who were in Chinese Consulate to apply for Visa.

DIG Javed Alam also confirmed that terrorists has been killed and all the chinese are safe.

Some videos were also made when this attack was happening.

According to Dr. Seemi Jamal Medical Supritendent of Jinnah hospital has confirmed that 2 police officers were taken to hospital out of which one is dismissed and one is still in critical situation.

More police force reached to the spot!


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