TECNO, a globally recognized premium smartphone brand with a dominating presence in over 40 countries, is no stranger to making waves in the smartphone industry. They have attained success in each local market they’ve stepped into by tailoring their products according to each local consumer needs; this strategy has led to several TECNO smartphone series each centred on a specific strength. The TECNO Camon series specializes in camera phones, especially selfies phones, and have asserted themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Despite their success, TECNO is still a relatively newer band but has not let that deter them in the slightest. In the past, TECNO has had several massively successful launches which include their Camon I, Camon I Air, Camon CX, and Camon CX Air. Launched just last year in 2017, the Camon series has seen massive consumer feedback and satisfaction since then and has become a favourite among the Pakistani market.

Recently, TECNO has launched another powerful addition to this camera-centric series and it is decidedly the best they best Camon smartphone yet: the Camon X Pro. And upgrade from the previous Camon X, the Camon X Pro truly lives up to its slogan of “Clearly Better”. Armed with a powerful 24 MP clear selfie front camera, a 6-inch 18:9 ratio infinity screen, as well as Face Recognition, the X Pro has all the makings to become and instant crown favourite.


Holding up the title of the best yet in a camera-centric smartphone series, the Camon X Pro certainly packs a punch when it comes to its camera specs. The X Pro boasts an astounding 24 MP Front camera and impressive 16 MP rear camera as well. Along with an enhanced image resolution, both cameras are also equipped with adjustable dual LED Flash which automatically adjusts to suit your needs according to the environment.

The X Pro also carries the latest dual ISP image processor which enhances your pictures with features such as Memory Colour function which handles natural colour reduction. Its picture enhancement tools such as Bokeh effect, Super AF, Portrait HDR and facial recognition of 108 facial features further boost your experience and ensure you get nothing but the best.


Although it is primarily a selfie phone, Camon X Pro has not let that be all that it has to offer. The X Pro boasts a massive 6-inch screen with an 18:9 ratio along with 500 nits screen brightness which would allow you to use your phone with ease even in direct sunlight.


Knowing the importance of ensuring a customer’s peace of mind, the X Pro comes equipped the several options when it comes to protecting your data. For general security, the Camon X pro has both the traditional Fingerprint Unlock and Face Unlock which utilizes Face ID technology which works at an incredible 50 ms recognition rate making it just as reliable, if not more, as Fingerprint and other tried-and-tested unlock methods. Apart from that, the phone also contains an Album Lock feature with HIOS protection for added security.


When it comes to processing speeds, the Camon X Pro is sure to never let you down. It houses a capable 2.0 GHz Octa-core processor powered by HIOS 3.3 along with the latest Android Nougat 8.0 and a 4 GB RAM, all of which come together to ensure that you can stay up-to-date on the latest and enjoy the best of entertainment on your phone without worrying about it crashing. It also comes equipped with dedicated hardware for image signal processing allowing the Camon X Pro a longer battery life while bringing you a brilliant photo and video capture experience.

Camon X Pro offers storage capabilities to match all that as well with a massive 64 GB ROM to allow you your freedom when it comes to videos, pictures, games, and music (all in high quality) without being bothered by pesky storage notifications.

To support all this, the X Pro also houses a powerful 3750 mAh battery with the added perk of fast charge which can allow you to take 1000 pictures after merely 10 minutes of charging.


The mark of a good phone is the amount of screen space it offers and its body-screen ratio. However a larger screen can also sometimes mean a heavier, thicker and overall bulkier phone that can be awkward to hold right. The Camon X Pro however is designed with an ultra-thin flat design with 5.2 mm visual thickness with its massive 6 inch screen to fit comfortably into your hands. It comes in 3 sleek, modern colours: Midnight Black, Champagne Gold, and City Blue .



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