Social Media Star Dies during a Ghost Prank

Rana Zuhair Dies During Ghost Prank

Rana Zuhair, a young and bright man, paid with his life while making a ghost prank video for his YouTube channel. This tragic incident has sent shock waves among the youtubers and other celebrities across Pakistan and they are mourning the sudden loss of life of a rising star.

Vlogger Zuhair was making a ghost prank video with strangers along with his friends . The trio was trying to scare the people by pretending to be ghosts. Suddenly a fight ensued between Zuhair and a family and someone shot him, leading to his death.

Zuhair and his friends have shared many prank videos on their YouTube channel that were also appreciated by their followers. After this incident that took place on the road near Lytton Park, the police sent both his friends into custody. The news about the tragic death of Rana Zuhair spread like wildfire on social media within hours. His friends and followers are shell shocked as they cannot believe how a prank meant for laughter can turn so violent that one takes out a firearm to kill a man.

The death of young YouTube star Rana Zuhair has saddened the YouTube fraternity in Pakistan. His death has been mourned by many celebrities and other social media stars through their official social media accounts. These celebrities are spreading the message to exercise caution when recording prank videos.



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