Social Media Campaign Got Launched Against Three Pakistani Auto Manufacturers

Auto Manufacturers

Pakistani’s have started the campaign on social media against Pakistani local auto manufacturers, Honda, Toyota and Suzuki for manufacturing vehicles without safety features, old designs and also in very high prices.

Facebook page CAMBT started the campaign against monopoly of big three, Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota and has contacted Supreme Court of Pakistan to look into this matter.

According to the letter “The automobile industry in Pakistan is small, Honda, Toyota and Suzuki are the only leading companies, they have created their monopoly and when government increases tax on these companies, they increase their price and they provide what they want, no safety measures”

The leading automakers in Pakistan are deceiving and tricking with the customers, they feel prices are so high in Pakistan and this is not good, and the Supreme Court of Pakistan should look into this matter.

CAMBT has demanded to increase safety measures in local cars, and also decrease the import duties.

In a post, they further clarified that they are not supporting anyone, government or this mafia, we are spreading awareness as they both are deceiving us and  looting money from us, we need to spread more awareness because anybody don’t wants to waste his money on these  useless cars.

Some of Facebook followers are against this campaign because they believe if government reduce the import duties, the local industry will start to collapse and many plant workers will be jobless.


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