Sepoy Maqbool Hussain Passed Away

Maqbool Hussain

Hero of Soil  – Maqbool Hussain has passed away

Hero of War 1965, Sepoy Maqbool Hussain has passed away. In 1965, He was arrested by Indian Army and kept in jail as a prison for 40 years. In Jail Indian Army tortured to such an extent that they cut off his tongue but he preferred silence over abusing Pakistan. Maqbool Hussain a symbol of courage, determination and patriotism.

Sons of soil, who sacrifice their lives for their motherland are always worth praising. There are others as well, who for the sake of their country never utter single word against their motherland, Sepoy Maqbool Hussain was one of them. In 1965 War he successfully completed his mission in Sri Nagar but unluckily he got injured and became the prison of war.

No one can imagine from the pain he suffered for the sake of Pakistan. He stayed in Indian jail for almost 40 years, where he was being tortured. His nails were culled for not abusing Pakistan. Indian army tortured him alot and forced him to abuse his country. But this hard person never bowed down to the desires of Indians.

Indian Army used all brutal and inhumane  mean, to force him to tell them secrets of Pakistan Army, but this brave son of soil preferred to have his tongue cut out to stay silent all his life rather then exposing any secret of his mother land.

When Indian army failed in their mission the only option they had is to set him free and finally he got freedom in 2015. He was kept in the AK Centre as a special guest since his liberation from Indian Prison. He had no relative to look after him in the old age.

“Sipahi No. 335139 Duty per Wapis agaya ha aur apna Commander ke hukam ka Muntazir hai” These courageous & valorous Words utter by this brave soldier when he reached Azad Kashmir Regiment after 40 years of long prison makes him immortal. He was awarded Sitara e Jurat in 2008.

This brave son died on 28th August in CMH Attock.



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