Seven Years Today – Arfa Karim is Still Alive in the Hearts of People!

Arfa Karim

The name of Arfa Karim is carved in the hearts and minds of people in the toughest way and it will never lose the legacy. This young tech professional died seven years ago but the thoughts and imprints of this girl are still alive and cherished all over Pakistan.

This young genius took birth in the year 1995 and made her place in the tech industry with her genius mind and skills. She had such a profound mind that she was invited to the Microsoft Office by Bill Gates and he there presented this young enthusiastic with a certificate which is commendable for the entire nation of Pakistan.

She was awarded with this certificate when she was just ten years old and after that she also flew a plane at Dubai’s Flying Club.

This young enthusiast when came back from USA after having awarded with the Microsoft Certificate also appeared in numerous interviews on television and newspapers and gained fame pretty much quickly.

Arfa Karim Microsoft Certificate

On December 20th 2011, this young girl suffered a cardiac arrest which led to damage of her brain and later on she was on ventilator.

Arfa Karim in ICU

Bill Gates took the responsibility of her treatment and its expenses and from the USA the panel of international doctors got in touch with the local doctors here to help Arfa get the best care and treatment. However, the poor soul couldn’t survive and left the world on 14th January, 2012.

An IT Tower under her name has been launched by the government and she was one of the most regarded IT professional in Pakistan who deserves a round of applause.

On this day, when it marks the 7th death anniversary of Arfa government officials have paid their tribute to her and her achievements and contributions for the prosperity of the country.


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