Save money for traveling as EcoStar reduces your bills!

These days, multinational companies have been competing to have the best marketing skills. For a marketing team to be strong, they need clever, quirky ideas for advertisements that would easily convince consumers. In light of such recent strategies, EcoStar has emerged as quite a noticeable name. The brand is known to produce very versatile products, bringing innovation not only in their advertisements but in their products as well!

EcoStar’s latest advert features their newest product the G-Smart Series AC Inverter which is not only the most economical air-conditioner at the moment but also one that helps gain more than 60% in savings.

Products by EcoStar are known to be  reliable by giving incredible performance. Customer satisfaction is their greatest priority and customers are always satisfied by EcoStar’s performance. Inverter AC’s by EcoStar averagely last longer than any other air conditioners.

The brand has cleverly kept in view the current inflation in Pakistan and have created an interesting Digital Video Content (DVC) which shows a problem that is relatable for most people of Pakistan i.e. the rising electricity bills. When the theme is relatable, there’s no denying the fact that people will be compelled to watch this interesting DVC from EcoStar.

The advert shows a group of friends sitting together and planning a trip up north. One of the friends gets a notification of her bill and realizes that it will be difficult to plan a trip since expenses would have to be cut down so they suggest to cancel it. Hence, this is a way of convincing the customers to buy an EcoStar inverter AC that is known to deliver up to 60% savings on your entire electricity bill! The AC inverter can visibly give reductions in your bill by giving a lower power usage and temperature maintenance at the same time.

This advertisement seems really convincing since the youth of Pakistan can relate to it. The weather is too hot to live without air-conditioning and many people rely on AC’s now to live comfortably. However purchasing an AC shouldn’t set you back in finances and with the new EcoStar series you can definitely purchase an Inverter at a reasonable price without spending all your savings.

So wait no longer and purchase an Inverter AC by EcoStar as soon as possible and start saving! Who knows where you may travel once you save up all that money.

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