Saudi Arab to Invest in Pakistan for Oil Refinery

Saudi Arab to Invest in Pakistan for Oil Refinery

Pakistan is now heading towards getting associated in business with Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, King Abdul Aziz announced that a team from Saudi Arab is soon going to visit Gwadar in order to take a look at the site as they plan to invest here in Pakistan.

The oil refinery would be setup in around $10 billion, he also showed interested in investing other sectors of Pakistan as well which is going to be a very successful instance for the country. Ghulam Sarwar Khan hosted the team from Saudi Arab and showed them the proposed site.

There is already a huge investment made by China in Gwadar and now it’s Saudi Arabia about to invest, the ministers of Saudi Arabia stated that they would also like to add up to this corridor of business by making investments as this will also stabilize the economy of Pakistan.

The establishment of this refinery is going to make the relationship of the two countries a pretty strong one; on the other hand the economic stability of the country will also improve.


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