Sania Mirza’s beautiful post with her mother in law shows the positivity we need today

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza Recent Picture with her mother in Law shows positivity

Everybody in South Asian society is not lucky enough to get god in laws, especially a good mother in law who is supportive, cooperative and kind as well. In Pakistan, many people will agree to this, sadly they don’t get good in laws especially mother in law. The one who got good in laws is lucky enough in this society and everybody wants this. Sania Mirza is showing us major bahu and saas goals, in terms of love and fun between them and are Pakistani’s are so happy.

MA SHA ALLAH the couple always looks cute together.

Shoaib Malik our hero and Sania Mirza recently announced the news of their pregnancy on social media and people are going crazy. Everyone is waiting for their cute baby.

Sania Mirza is from India and Shoaib Malik is from Pakistan, and some people think how they have time to spend with their families but in a recent snap chat story we all can see how happy they are Ma sha Allah and how her mother-in-law is laughing and they look adorable together, they are so friendly and that is seriously very good to see this.

Sohaib and Sania always do social media interaction in the cutest and purest way, showing their love for each other.

May God bless them and many best wishes for them for their future. They are setting a huge example by spreading the love and peace.




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