Samsung Working on a Laptop With a Foldable Display

Samsung is strong in the mobile segment, on televisions or even in refrigerators. However, the brand could be better on laptops. Although the Asian company has good solutions in the market, Samsung cannot stand out as much in this segment as the others.

However, everything may be about to change. The South Korean company has already shown that it is willing to invest seriously in screens and flexible components and it seems that the portable computers also follow the same ideology.

According to the previous rumors, Samsung will launch its first foldable smartphone later this year. Today, according to the Korean Heralds, it was said that the Asian company is trying to do the same on their laptops.

That is, Samsung is also preparing a computer with the display and flexible components. Although I do not see many purposes in a foldable smartphone, I can see only advantages for portable computers with a flexible display. Since a computer can always deliver more power and multitasking quality than a smartphone, we can only have the same portability.

However, this information is without much self-evidence. That is, there are no images that prove the investment in the sector. Still, I want to believe that this is a likely move. In short, Samsung really needs to do something to its laptops. At a time when demand is falling, we really need an irreverent product to bring back the flame of “buying a new laptop.”

We will be attentive to the development of the information. That’s how the rumors start, and the Korean Herald has proven itself capable of having the right sources.


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