Samsung with New Moves in 2019


Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd has been serving in the field of electronics from the past five decades and today they have made an announcement of their new innovative technological solutions which will take the connectivity to a next level.

The different innovations on the part of this company which may include  IoT, 5G and AI will lead to a future level of connectivity. The company also showcased their new strategy to carry out functions comprising of the usage of robotics technology which will add a huge ease in the daily lives of everyone, this would be coming up in the near future by the company.

As the year 2019 is the year of the 50th Anniversary of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, the president and CEO of the company HS Kim stated that the company’s vision is to take the business and innovative technologies to the next level and when it comes to doing so they will exploit all the new methods which may prove being applicable.

Role of 5G, IoT and AI:
While discussing about the different aspects and strategies of the company, the emphasis on the evolvement of the innovations like 5G, IoT and AI would be taking the connectivity to a completely new world and this would bring about the ecological advancement as well. The presence of the Smart Things app by the company is a very significant consideration since it has brought people to move towards the concept of an ecosystem which is beneficial for the entire world.

The year 2018 has been a remarkable year in the history of Samsung and they have been able to register about 2000 patents with the 5G terminology in ETS. The company represents one of the very first one to attain their approval for the 5G technology.

The presence of AI is one of the most important presences for the company and they have been establishing countless AI centers to cater the AI technological innovation.  The AI startup by the company have been growing at a faster pace offering a great edge to the company over its competitors.

The Expansion of Bixby:
As the time is passing on new innovations has been taking a toll and Bixby is one of them by the Samsung electronics. This technology will be featured on every product offered by the brand, be it refrigerators or the speakers. Not only is Samsung concerned about the presence of the best features in every of its product but also it ensures the concept of commitment and transparency when it comes to its privacy policy and that matters the most.

The Smart TV offered by Samsung will have more improved features in the year 2019 and this will include searching for more and more content. The technology would be boosting itself to a completely new level and using their voice the users would be able to control the movement of the channels now.

The new Family Hub refrigerator is also going to be something pretty seamless, the big screen will help you communicate and order anything and everything you want by way of the Bixby technology. No matter you need to call a cab or you need to make the oven be preset anything could be achieved through this technological innovation. The story doesn’t end here, in fact the new front loader washing machine will also be equipped with the Bixby technology helping you with your washing cycle recommendations and the utility oriented tasks easily be carried out using smart technology.

Samsung has not only worked hard for your home and entertainment needs, in fact the same approach may also be seen with the ne innovation when it comes to the working tasks of yours. The new Notebook, Monitor Screen and much more is waiting with the new and best equipped technology which provides an endless finish to your tasks.

The Bixby technology offered under this platform will also offer you with an analysis of your driving experience as well you will be related to what goes in your car and what is present in terms of gas and fuel with your device in the quickest possible way. Lastly, as the name suggests the robotics innovation would also bring about a change in the lives of the people on a daily basis and the presence of these robotic devices will make the life of a normal person pretty much easier.


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