SAMSUNG Foldable Screen Phone will be officially Launched in Early 2019, First Shipments were Only 500,000 Units

Regarding the future direction of the smartphone screen, in addition to the comprehensive screens of various manufacturers to improve the screen ratio, the foldable screen is another development direction of the current industry. As a manufacturer that is currently advancing foldable screens, SAMSUNG’s development of collapsible screen phones has long been a new issue, but multiple ticketing has also raised concerns about the progress of the technology. Fortunately, Gao Dongzhen, president of SAMSUNG’s electronic mobile communications division, has confirmed that SAMSUNG will showcase its first foldable screen phone at the San Francisco Developer Conference in November this year.

According to HIS analyst Li Huaibin, the first foldable screen phone of SAMSUNG is expected to be officially released at the CES show early next year. The first shipments are expected to be 50. The price is about 10,000, and the price is not cheap. Considering that the current folding screen technology is still not mature, and SAMSUNG is almost a monopoly level for this technology, this judgment is still relatively credible.

The folding screen prototype previously displayed by Beijing Oriental

According to the information disclosed, SAMSUNG’s first foldable screen phone will be equipped with a 4.6-inch external screen and a 7.3-inch foldable internal screen. When the camera is unfolded, it will become a tablet. After folding, it will be a tablet. Mobile phone. Coincidentally, Yu Chengdong also revealed in the interview with reporters after the Mate 20 series new product launch conference that Huawei is also developing a foldable screen mobile phone (the screen maker may be BOE), but the official release time is likely to be after SAMSUNG.


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