Samsung Finally Unveiled First Foldable Smartphone with Infinity Flex Display

After months or even years of teasing, Samsung finally introduced this Wednesday night for the very first time its Foldable screen smartphone.

The first mention of a foldable screen smartphone at Samsung is nearly ten years old. Ten years that the Korean manufacturer mentioned for the first time a device with a hinge on which would fold a single OLED screen. However, if we have heard much about the smartphone so far, constantly pushed back, it was not until November 7 to discover it for the first time.

Samsung and Google

Samsung has indeed taken advantage of its opening conference at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco to show for the first time its foldable screen smartphone. A scare slightly spoiled by Google, which at the same time its Android Developer Conference.

The Mountain View company has announced, a little before Samsung, to work with the Korean manufacturer on a foldable screen smartphone that would be launched in early 2019. “We work closely with Samsung on a device they plan to launch early next year, “said Dave Burke, head of engineering at Google. The opportunity also for the firm to unveil a novelty for Android, which now supports foldable screens.

Infinity Flex Display

A few minutes later, Samsung finally unveiled for the first time its foldable screen smartphone. If it has a screen called “Infinity flex display”, the manufacturer has still not announced the name of the smartphone.

If the first images showed a particularly thick smartphone, because of the two layers, Samsung however reassured by explaining that it was a shell over the prototype. As expected, the unveiled smartphone integrates a large screen when open, but also a smaller screen once closed. In addition, the system displays the same applications when the smartphone is open and when it is closed.

It is still unclear on what date the smartphone will be presented early next year. Samsung has just announced that it “will arrive soon”. Note that during the same conference, Samsung introduced its new smartphone interface, One UI.



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