Sahiwal Attack – An Encounter or an Event of Brutal Killing

sahiwal Attack

A shady police encounter which killed four people has created a massive criticism on the Punjab police, as per the statements made by the police this encounter was associated initially with the case of kidnapping and later on the name of terrorism was adjoined with the incident.

The victims were on their way when CTD brutally fired and killed everyone in the car except their three minor children. The family of six persons was as per the children going to attend a wedding and the man driving the vehicle was one of their family friend, that friend, parents and a teenage girl was killed in the incident, whereas the two girls were saved and a minor boy was just injured by alive.

As per the CTD officials, the police encounter was conducted leading to some news received by the department regarding a terrorism act. However, as per the people who were present at the spot of incident, told the officials that killing was nothing but a brutal act on the part of the police because none of them had any weapon with them leading to make them labeled as a terrorist.

This entire incident seemed to be negligence on the part of the police officials; also it was suspected that after the killing took place the officials fled from the incidence spot leaving the injured victims behind. However, later on the same police officials concluded that the most wanted terrorist were reported to pass through this checkpoint and to keep themselves safe they were expected to pass through the check post with family. Though the CTD officials stated that the friend of the victims named as Zeeshan is a terrorists and is on a hit list from a terrorism agency.

The supervisor and the officials involved in the encounter have been suspended and the government has instructed the officials to take serious action against the officials for the killing of innocents. However, the entire attempt made by the police seems to be suitable for Zeeshan but nobody yet knows that whether the family was involved or not. However as per the latest reports, Zeeshan is involved in terrorism activities and also the vehicle he used was used for the purpose of terrorist activities.


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