Safe City Project – No More Safe

Safe City Project

In may 2016 when the government released the safe city project by installing CCTV cameras all over the streets and roads it was to be a safer one in a sense that the privacy of the citizens will be maintained. However, on Sunday social media was entirely filled with the pictures of citizen which ended up violating the safety policy.

Social media showed anger over this event and it was identified that police seemed to be under question of making these pictures leaked. It is not necessary that the couple is unmarried, they could be married couples too and it’s their choice to wear whatever they wish too and nobody has a right to violate their privacy.

This project seems no more safe and this level of acts on the part of the police officials is highly unacceptable, rather than making their minds in use for the protection of the worsening city conditions they are more inclined towards poking their noses in the personal matters of the public.


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