Renowned Television Anchor Waqar Zaka Bash out Media for Fake News

Waqar Zaka

The morning of 19th November, Monday brought with it news that shocked many fans of a very well known personality none other than Waqar Zaka. He was arrested by police in Karachi on Sunday night, 18th November on account of having Sheesha in his car, although Waqar denied this news of his arrest.

FIR against Waqar Zaka has been filed and the personality clarified in his tweet that he just had sheesha in his car he was not even using it any way. He also questioned this attempt on the part of police that having how come having a sheesha in the vehicle makes a person liable to be arrested.

Waqar Zaka posted a complete video on his twitter where he stated that he had on alcohol or wine in his vehicle he just had simple sheesha and having sheesha in car and home while you are not consuming is not in any way capable of holding someone liable to be arrested.

A copy of FIR has also been floating around on twitter and other social medial platforms where Waqar Zaka is justifying his point of views and is being vocal about the disappointment he had faced under this arrest of no point.


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