Remake of The Lion King- A New Series for the Upcoming Summers

Lion King

The Lion King is the name everyone is well aware of and when it comes to having hands on this name we can see a very well known blockbuster which was released in the year 1994 and soon after that games, books, accessories for children everything was featured with the name and took a tremendous place everywhere and is still very well known among children.

As soon as the news broke out that the makers have decided to bring back The Lion King in the form of a usual movie since the previous one was animated people seem to be much excited about the release.

According  to global stats , this trailer has become the most viewed Disney trailer , as it made record of 224.6 Million global views record.

It will be out next year during summers and the cast announced of the film is more of less same as it was of that before where only the voices were heard.

Like Donald Glover is a voice of Simba in upcoming lion king.

Well, as the makers are excited to look forward to the release of this remake, the viewers are observed to float a mixed set of comments and views about this remake. Some people are much more excited to watch this movie and make their day nostalgic with the historical view of the movie, whereas some are scared that the remake may turn out to be horrible and disappointing, let’s see what it has to show us next year!


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