Realme makes Record Breaking Sales as per News- Yay or Nay?

A real hype of the fastest selling gadget has been travelling like an airplane all over Pakistan and nobody knows how far this news proves being true. Well, what we have heard is that Realme has made it possible to sell countless number of phones in no time through

The entire social media and news seems to be filled with the same news that Realme has made a massive turn out and all its new series of C1 and Realme 2 pro has been all sold out within no time, well do we even think that the number of phones quoted by the company actually even floated in the country. Well, that’s a big question mark, because the figures as per the custom seem to be different.

The company claims selling a huge amount of these gadgets in no time whereas the sources say that this number of gadgets didn’t even entered the country! Who is right and who is wrong is now the biggest concern? People are even showing a mix of their views over this news of massive sales; some of them are actually appreciating the company for making these sales.

Similarly, on the other hand people are showing some real doubts about the sales level as quoted by the company as we can see here:

So, yes the situation seems to be pretty much vague and what is the real statistics is a question unanswered, well we are working pretty hard to get our hands on the actual figure of sales as well as the figure that actually was received in the country and will soon release an update about it.


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