Rape case has been registered against Bollywood Actor Alok Nath

Alok Nath

Rape case has been registered against bollywood actor Alok Nath after the complaint made by producer Vinta Nanda.

There are lot of cases already registered in police station against someone’s name in india #Metoo Movement, gained momentum recently.

In October, Ms Nanda shared one detailed Facebook post also over Twitter in which she accused popular actor for sexual harassment and rape.

In reply to Nanda facebook post, Nath filed case against by denying the charge and also for defaming him. He also demanded an apology from her and also symbolic compensation.

Alok has already been accused of sexual harassment by two other actresses.

Ms Nada started working with Nath in 1990s hit TV series called Tara, which was written by her. She also claimed that Alok has previously sexually harassed the lead actress too.


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