PSL Franchises Express Unhappiness over Revenue Sharing Model of PCB


PSL franchises have openly expressed their unhappiness over the revenue sharing formula suggested by PCB. They are not happy with what they call as unjust sharing of PSL revenues. In a meeting with the Board officials that was held in Islamabad on November 21, PSL franchises raised the issue of revenue sharing.

According to the sources, PCB has struck a sponsorship deal with Habib Bank Limited for the next 3 editions of the PSL. This deal is believed to be for $14.3 million, an amount that is 3 times higher than the deal that was signed for the first edition of the PSL in 2016 ($5.2 million).

PCB has suggested a revenue sharing formula of 50:50 under which it proposes to keep half of the sponsorship amount while the rest will be divided among the 6 franchises of PSL.

However, PSL franchises are not happy with this revenue sharing model. They believe that they should get a higher percentage of the amount as they do not have any other source of income from PSL. Franchises think that PCB should agree to a lower cut from the deal to allow them to get higher share.

Another point raised by the franchises during this meeting was their payment in U.S dollars. They are demanding payment in PKR in view of fluctuating dollar to PKR prices. They have to pay teams and players money in dollars but feel they have to pay more because of a weakening rupee.

Franchises have to braise for another blow in the form of lower share in broadcasting deals. PCB has decided to cut their share from the current 80%.


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