Popular Ice Cream Units Closed, Owners Hauled to Court

Ice Cream

On Tuesday, Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered closure of 47 most popular ice cream factories in the Province of Punjab. Earlier, ice cream samples from these factories were found to be unfit for human consumption by Punjab Food Authority. PFA tested samples of 156 brands and nearly a third of them were found to be unsafe. The owners of these brands that include big names like GNN News and Gourmet Foods have been asked by the court to give their replies.

Talking to reporters later on, PFA DG Muhammad Usman said that the samples of ice cream taken from Gourmet Foods contained harmful bacteria.  The entire stock of ice cream at Gourmet Foods has been sealed and authorities have been asked to dispose the same. He added that GNN News, which is a company owned by Gourmet Foods, has been trying to carry out his character assassination just because he has carried out this operation against them.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has ordered examination of all products made by Gourmet Foods in light of a request made by PFA. There have been many operations carried out by PFA against these ice cream manufacturers in both Punjab and Sindh in the last few days. PFA intensified its efforts after the infamous Arizona Grill Food poisoning case in which two minors got killed.

PFA has levied heavy fines on eateries not following the safety and hygiene guidelines issued by the government. Some of the owners have been let off after issuing severe warning to them.


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