Pigs Attack on Supreme Court of Pakistan

Supreme court

Supreme Court Is Under Attack

In winter, wild hogs more often descend on Islamabad during the evening to feast upon the garbage heaps, sometimes frightening the citizens, who went out for a walk/jogging in the city. This time the wild animal showed up in sunshine in the capital and crossed into the premises of Pakistan’s top court ( Supreme Court), which is under criticism nowadays for its intense decisions against politicians.

A Twitter user, Usman Manzoor, shared a video, expressing: “Pigs in The Supreme Court go wild, attack everybody”.


In the video cut, the staff can be seen attempting to throw the intruders out of the premises with sticks. In striking back, a wild pig kept running towards the staff member and endeavored to attack him, however the worker stayed safe fortunately.

The castigated animals enter the city from neighboring hills, causing street accidents. The number of pigs increased throughout the years, however the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has neglected to contain them.


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