Pakistan Leadership Conversation, ACCA Concludes with a Glittering Function


The annual summit of ACCA was recently held in Islamabad. This event which was titled Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2019 discussed many important issues ranging from digital revolution and global competitiveness to institutional reforms.

The chief guest at the summit was Asad Umar, the finance minister of Pakistan. He dwelled on the importance of chartered accountants in the economic growth of the country. He shared the vision of the government for the overall economic growth of the country with the audiences.

Another prominent speaker at the summit was Andleeb Abbas, parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs. He shared his views in economic prospects of the country and how diplomacy can play its role in improving foreign relations.

The summit was also joined by British High Commission Islamabad this year in the capacity of a co organizer. Diplomats and staff members of the commission spoke on various topics during the summit.

There was a special session dedicated to CPEC. Many businessmen and bureaucrats shared their views on the importance of CPEC. Many important projects under CPEC and their effect on Pakistan’s economy were explained by Mr. Hassan Daud Butt, Project Director (CPEC), Ministry of Planning, Development, and Reforms. Mr. Haroon Shariff, Chairman, Board of Investment, spoke on the efforts made by the government to attract foreign investors. He also shared how the government plans to make Pakistan a hub of financial activities in the region.

Saijeed Aslam, ACCA Head, said that the theme of the summit this year was to prepare the leaders in the business community for the challenges ahead. He added that all fields of economy as well as political and scientific spheres have redefined the role and responsibilities of chartered accountants across the country. They should hone their skills to be ready for new opportunities and challenges in the changing landscape.

The summit was attended in large numbers by business leaders and professionals from Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. These visitors got a chance to get deep insights from the experts in the fields of taxation, finance, technology, and CPEC.

There was also a special lecture by Robert Stenhouse, the global President of ACCA. He talked about the opportunities and challenges ahead and urged the professionals to be prepared for them.

Lahore edition of this annual summit held earlier was a roaring success. It was attended by prominent business leaders of the region. Punjab Finance Minister Makhdoum Hashim Jawan Bakht was the chief guest while Nishant Group’s Chairman Mohammad Mansha spoke about the challenges and opportunities arising in the country. The event proved to be a big opportunity for the professionals to hear the views of the lawmakers and business leaders.

Some of the most prominent personalities attending the conference were Abid QayyumSulehri, Executive Director, SDPI, Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi, Territory Senior Partner, AF Ferguson & Co., Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib, Founder, Akhuwat, Salim Ghauri, CEO, Netsol Technologies, Yusuf Hussain, CEO, Ignite – National Technology Fund, Ayla Majid, Council Member, ACCA and Almas Hyder, President, LCCI.

There was a general consensus among the speakers that Pakistan is slowly emerging as a place with a great business environment. Speakers added that the time has come to reveal the true potential and prowess of Pakistan to the rest of the world. Business leaders should take advantage of new technologies and innovative business methods to improve their efficiency and productivity.

PLC that was started in 2017 has become an annual feature now. It provides a platform for prominent personalities in the public and private sectors to come together and share their knowledge and views with the common people. The conferences organized during PLC provide a great opportunity to young professionals, especially the chartered accountants, to keep up with the changing business environment.

The summit also celebrated the achievement of new affiliates of ACCA. The Chief Guest at New Member Ceremonies were Mr. Imran Ismail, Governor Sindh in Karachi, Senator Walid Iqbal in Lahore and Shafqat Mehmood, Federal Minister for Education & Professional Training and National History & Literary Heritage in Islamabad. There were many prominent personalities from the business world during these ceremonies to provide opportunities for networking to these young professionals.

For more details about the summit, you can visit the website of ACAA.


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