Pakistan Beats India in Global Mobile Internet Speed Rank

Pakistan has edged out arch rival India when it comes to internet speed. In the November edition of Speedtest Global Index, mobile and fixed broadband internet speeds across the globe were recorded. It was found that Pakistan, with an upload speed of 9.32 Mbps and download speed of 12.38 Mbps, had secured an overall rank of 101 in this list.  The upload and download speeds for fixed broadband in Pakistan were lower at 6.03 Mbps and 7.96 Mbps. In fixed broadband, Pakistan secured a ranking of 117 which was 3 spots higher than what it got last month.

In comparison, the ranking of India in mobile internet was 111, 4 positions lower than Pakistan. However, India scored much better in terms of fixed broadband speeds, securing a rank of 65 in this list.

Ookla, the world standard in internet metrics, says that the average mobile download speed across the world is 24.4 Mbps. For uploads, this speed average worldwide is 9.70 Mbps. The world average for fixed broadband is 52.16 Mbps for downloads while for uploads, it is 25.9 Mbps.

In the November list of Speedtest Global Index, Iceland secured the top spot with a mobile download speed of 73.54 Mbps. It was Singapore that secured first rank in fixed broadband with a download speed of 185.25 Mbps. The number of countries that were included in this list was 123 for mobile internet and 126 for fixed broadband.

If you are wondering why the list does not include all the countries of the world, it has to do with the condition of minimum 670 unique user results in the case of mobile internet and minimum 2333 unique user results in case of fixed broadband.


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