Pakistan Army Amongst Top 15 Most Powerful Militaries in The World

A globally renowned United States website “Global Firepower” has positioned Pakistan Army as the 13th most powerful military power around the world.

Global Firepower positions the world’s major militaries on specific criteria by calculating statistics and official numbers. The site positions countires’ military power in light of the accompanying elements;

  • Decent variety of weapons alongside the aggregate number of weapons.
  • Geological factors.
  • Logistical flexibility
  • Natural resources and local industry influence.
  • nuclear power also receive a slight edge in the rankings.
  • Higher population of the country implies higher rank.
  • Land-locked(having no ocean) countries are not positioned for their Navy. Countries having a maritime power however no decent variety of weapons get a low score in the rankings.
  • Countries having organizations together for example NATO get an edge in the rankings, because of the sharing of assets.
  • Positioning is independent of the country’s political or military leadership.

    Top 15 Most Powerful Militaries in The World

  • So, here are how the top 15 militaries in the world ranking; and the best part is Pakistan Army stands at 13th no.
    1. United States

    United States spends more cash on its defense than the rest of the 14 countries consolidated. US defense spending budget is $587.8 billion. Here is how the rest of its firepower stands.

    Power Index rating: 0.0857

    Add up to populace: 323,995,528

    Add up to military faculty: 2,363,675

    Add up to air ship: 13,762

    Warrior air ship: 2,296

    Battle tanks: 5,884

    Add up to maritime resources: 415 (19 plane carrying warships)

    So, here are how the top 15 militaries in the world rank;

    1. United States

    United States spends more money on its defense than the rest of the 14 countries combined. US defense budget is $587.8 billion. Here is how the rest of its firepower stands.

    Power Index rating: 0.0857
    Total population: 323,995,528
    Total military personnel: 2,363,675
    Total aircraft: 13,762
    Fighter aircraft: 2,296
    Combat tanks: 5,884
    Total naval assets: 415 (19 aircraft carriers)

    2. Russia

    Russia has a defense budget of around $44.6 billion. that’s the reason it ranks second;

    Power Index rating: 0.0929
    Total population: 142,355,415
    Total military personnel: 3,371,027
    Total aircraft strength: 3,794
    Fighter aircraft: 806
    Combat tanks: 20,216
    Total naval assets: 352 (one aircraft carrier)

    3. China

    China spends huge amount on its military too. The country’s defense spending  budget is $161.7 billion.

    Power Index rating: 0.0945
    Total population: 1,373,541,278
    Total military personnel: 3,712,500
    Total aircraft strength: 2,955
    Fighter aircraft: 1,271
    Combat tanks: 6,457
    Total naval assets: 714 (one aircraft carrier)

    4. India

    India stands at number 4 with a spending of $51 billion on its military.

    Power Index rating: 0.1593
    Total population: 1,266,883,598
    Total military personnel: 4,207,250
    Total aircraft strength: 2,102
    Fighter aircraft: 676
    Combat tanks: 4,426
    Total naval assets: 295 (three aircraft carriers)

    5. France

    France spends $35 billion on its military, here is how French military ranks;

    Power Index rating: 0.1914
    Total population: 66,836,154
    Total military personnel: 387,635
    Total aircraft strength: 1,305
    Fighter aircraft 296
    Combat tanks: 406
    Total naval assets: 118 (four aircraft carriers)

    6. United Kingdom

    UK has allocated $45.7 billion for its military forces, and the rest of the numbers go like this;

    Power Index rating: 0.2131
    Total population: 64,430,428
    Total military personnel: 232,675
    Total aircraft strength: 856
    Fighter aircraft: 88
    Combat tanks 249
    Total naval assets: 76 (two aircraft carriers)

    7. Japan

    Japan spends $43.8 billion on its defense. Its strength is defined by these numbers.

    Power Index rating: 0.2137
    Total population: 126,702,133
    Total military personnel: 311,875
    Total aircraft strength: 1,594
    Fighter aircraft: 288
    Combat tanks: 700
    Total naval assets: 131 (four aircraft carriers)

    8. Turkey

    Turkey has allotted $8.2 billion for its military. Its firepower stands like this;

    Power Index rating: 0.2491
    Total population: 80,274,604
    Total military personnel: 743,415
    Total aircraft strength: 1,018
    Fighter aircraft: 207
    Combat tanks: 2,445
    Total naval assets: 194

    9. Germany

    Germany is 9th on the list with a military spending of $39.2 billion. Its firepower stands as following;

    Power Index rating: 0.2609
    Total population: 80,722,792
    Total military personnel: 210,000
    Total aircraft strength: 698
    Fighter aircraft: 92
    Combat tanks: 543
    Total naval assets: 81

    10. Egypt

    Egypt has a low military spending of $4.4 billion as compared to the top 9 countries, however, they have a strong military. Its stats are shown below;

    Power Index rating: 0.2676
    Total population: 94,666,993
    Total military personnel: 1,329,250
    Total aircraft strength: 1,132
    Fighter aircraft: 337
    Combat tanks: 4,110
    Total naval assets: 319 (two aircraft carriers)

    11. Italy

    Italy has a defense spending of $34 billion.

    Power Index rating: 0.2694
    Total population: 62,007,540
    Total military personnel: 267,500
    Total aircraft strength: 822
    Fighter aircraft: 79
    Combat tanks: 200
    Total naval assets: 143 (two aircraft carriers)

    12. South Korea

    South Korea spends $43.8 billion on its military. Its firepower ranking goes like this;

    Power Index rating: 0.2741
    Total population: 50,924,172
    Total military personnel: 5,829,750
    Total aircraft strength: 1,477
    Fighter aircraft: 406
    Combat tanks: 2,654
    Total naval assets: 166 (one aircraft carrier)

    13. Pakistan Army 

    Pakistan Army pours $7 billion into its defense and has the 13th strongest military in the world. The numbers go like this;

    Power Index rating: 0.3287
    Total population: 201,995,540
    Total military personnel: 919,000
    Total aircraft strength: 951
    Fighter aircraft: 301
    Combat tanks: 2,924
    Total naval assets: 197

    14. Indonesia

    Indonesia spends $6.9 billion on its defense and is ranked on the following numbers;

    Power Index rating: 0.3347
    Total population: 258,316,051
    Total military personnel: 975,750
    Total aircraft strength: 441
    Fighter aircraft: 39
    Combat tanks: 418
    Total naval assets: 221

    15. Israel

    Israel’s budget for defense is $15.5 billion;

    Power Index rating: 0.3476
    Total population: 8,174,527
    Total military personnel: 718,250
    Total aircraft strength: 652
    Fighter aircraft: 243
    Combat tanks: 2,620
    Total naval assets: 65


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