Pak-China Bus Service Sets Out On Maiden Trip

Pak-China Bus Service

The Pakistan-China relationship makes new progress as the first bus trip from Lahore to Kasghar, a Chinese city, set out. The luxury bus from Lahore set out on Monday night from its bus terminal in Gulberg.

The luxury package includes a one-way journey spanning out over 2 days (almost 30 hours). The bus service will run 4 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will take passengers from Lahore to Kasghar with another trip available for Kasghar-Lahore as will. The Lahore-Kasghar trip will also run 4 days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The Lahore-Kasghar trip will begin from 12PM (local time) and will make several stops along the way. Islamabad will be the first stop, then Mansehra for breakfast, then Besham for lunch.

Passengers will be able to enjoy evening tea at Chilas and then dinner at Gilgit. They will be able to relax from 8PM to 2AM (local time). On the second day, the bus will take a stop at Sost for breakfast and immigration formalities. After that, it will stop at Khunjerab for security checks and then finally arrive at Kasghar in China.

The bus fare from Lahore to Kasghar with cost of food included is PKR 13,000 (approximately $105). The returning bus fare for Kasghar to Lahore, food included, is PKR 23,000. Travellers will need a valid visa, and ID card, and luggage of only up to 20kg. Careful security measures have been taken to ensure safety throughout the trip.


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