Friday, April 26, 2019
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Infinix Hot 7


The ever growing market of smartphones is rapidly emerging into a hub of creativeness, in which the brilliance of priceless ingenuity is being poured...
Nuclear Strike

Nuclear Strike – Thoughts on Survival!

Things between India and Pakistan seem to be under heat and the two countries might have a small war as predicted y some of...

Huawei Makes Seamless Sales for the Year 2018

We all know this fact very well that among the numerous different mobile phone brands Huawei has been one seamless choice nowadays which has...
Surgical Strike

Clash Between India and Pakistan Once Again – PAF in Action!

Terms between India and Pakistan have been on fire since the day of partition and the main point of clash is Kashmir since the...

Indian Jets to Flee Back on the Response of PAF

It is reported that earlier yesterday morning around 3:30 A.M. Indian jets were seen flying in the vicinity of Pakistan, they entered through Muzzafarabad...
Flight Operations Suspended

Flight Operations Suspended in Pakistan and India

As we know that the tension between India and Pakistan seems to be on the side of being heated, the airspace of Pakistan has...

TECNO Mobile and YelloStone Join Hands for Better Future

Collaboration makes the idea of 2+2=5 a reality which does wonders for the business   The recent massive announcement on the part of TECNO Mobile is...
Iman Ali

Iman Ali’s Mayun Ceremony Pictures creating a Buzz

The countdown to the wedding of Iman Ali has officially begun with photos of her intimate mayun ceremony surfacing over social media. Iman is...

Pakistan Leadership Conversation, ACCA Concludes with a Glittering Function

The annual summit of ACCA was recently held in Islamabad. This event which was titled Pakistan Leadership Conversation 2019 discussed many important issues ranging...
Girl Hit Car Badlyvideo

Girl Hitted Car Badly

This incident took place on 16th February in F-10 markaz Islamabad, where a girl was recorded hitting someone’s car with a bat or a...
Fawad Khan

FIR Registered against Fawad Khan for refusing to administer anti polio drops to his...

Fawad Khan, the handsome hunk from Lollywood, is in the midst of a controversy for not allowing polio workers to administer anti polio drops...
Green Tea

Benefits Of Green Tea

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy green tea and that’s kind of the same thing.” Obesity can be tough and tougher when you...

Indians took Ariel washing powder advertisement to a whole new level

Indians took Ariel washing powder advertisement to a whole new level and the audience is loving the message they have given to the mothers...
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