OPPO Has the Perfect Gift for this Valentine’s Day

Have you seen the heart shaped balloons in every other corner? And the red roses which are now being displayed in full bloom? The radio programs are all about lovey dovey songs and there are gifts to be gotten, promises to be fulfilled. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, are you looking for that perfect gift? Let us enlighten you! We are very invested in making sure that you get your better half the best gift money can buy, because your commitment to each other is priceless stuff.

So this date night, make sure that you capture memories which will last a lifetime, even if your relationship doesn’t! We don’t mean that, all in good humor.

First things first, what is the point of getting all dolled-up or looking so dapper if there’s nothing to show for it? The best way to take excellent pictures if definitely with OPPO’s R17 Pro, the night mode on this phone is what dreams are made of. Be it a candle light dinner or a long drive through a picturesque landscape, this camera will not fail you.

And if you are worried about running out of battery, well the SuperVOOC isn’t called super for nothing! Charge your phone to a 100% in 35 minutes, like a boss! Loving our suggestions so far? Well, there’s more!

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the person you love, how important they are and what better way to do it than getting them a gift they’ll cherish. We are big believers of capturing moments, nothing warms the heart like a sweet picture, encompassing within it a story you’ll always adore.

Which brings us to the gift part, no Valentine is complete without a gift and we have the best recommendation for you! This year, go all out and get your bae OPPO’s F9 Sunrise Red! Not only, does it totes go with the color of love, the Selfie Expert makes for an incredible gift.

This is all from our end, make sure that you take our expert advice and become the best SO in town! Go grab the perfect gift for your perfect girl/boy now!

Still here? What are you waiting for? Christmas?!


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