Oppo Gets Caught Cheating on Benchmark Scores For Find X and F7

Other manufacturers are added at regular intervals to the list of those who steal the benchmark tests. Some time ago, Huawei, Honor and OnePlus admitted that they are optimizing their devices for specific tests, removing 4 of the first ones from 3DMark. Now, we learn that Oppo is also following such a practice, and this is why it has been sanctioned.

In fact, 3DMark has removed from its lists Oppo Find X and Oppo F7, after testing the two devices with a version of them that usually does not recognize most smartphones. The results proved to be 41% worse compared to the measurements made with the classic version of 3DMark.

Oppo has been justified by saying it optimizes device behavior not only for benchmarks but also for gaming by pushing the processor to its limits. For other applications, it has an optimization system for saving energy, with performance dropping to 20-30% when no user action is observed for 5-10 seconds. With a touch, however, the device wakes up the processor again, but automated benchmarks do not work.

That’s why UL (the creator of 3DMark) believes Oppo is stealing while performing the benchmark and decided to remove these two devices from its list. For its part, Oppo says it will make some changes to its systems to be “clean”.

Oppo Find X and F7 are banned from the 3D Mark benchmark. A sanction identical to the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the application editor suspects the manufacturer to significantly increase the power of these smartphones when a benchmark is launched. Oppo defends itself but still plans to release an update soon to rectify the shooting.


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